Quick Brown Fox is a curated blog by Alex Rose, in which photographers have to create a piece of work based on a single word. The first photographer is given a word and then they pass on a new word to the next featured photographer. If you would like to be involved please send along a link to your work or a few images for review to alexquickbrownfox@gmail.com. All images are copyright to the artists, feel free to reblog, once the artists are credited.

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Photographer: Declan Kelly
Word: Grid

Declan’s Blog

Photographer: Geneviève Lamarche Reid
Word: Dulcet

Geneviève’s Tumblr
Geneviève’s Website

Photographer: Briony Wagstaff
Word: Propulsion

Briony’s Website

Photographer: David Torell
Word: Mercurial

David’s Tumblr